German Air Force SAR7092.

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Repaint: German Air Force SAR7092

for FSX + Acceleration & Prepar3D v2/v3/4

High resolution 2048 x 2048

Latest tricolor camouflage paint


After very complex repaint work, we were able to create this wonderful german classic helicopter repaint for the
MilViz UH-1H "Redux" addon

For about 20 years now, only the most important lettering has been painted, since the application of all lettering,
as at the time of the first delivery, became unnecessary and too expensive.

Because of its sounds the germans called him carpet beater. This specific helicopter was used in the german air rescue service and saved the lives of hundreds of people.

This Huey was stationed at LTG 61 Landsberg/Lech  in Germany





A self-installer will do the installation for you.
The Milviz Huey UH-1H can then also be used as a German Air Force SAR7092 as shown in the screenshots above.

The software does not include Milviz Huey Redux Payware files.


1. Pepar3D or FSX + Acceleration

2. MilViz UH-1C/UH1-H "Redux"


watch walk around video


Purchase Options :

Please read the Repaint German Air Force SAR7092 Productinformation carefully before you buy the product!
The Repaint German Air Force SAR7092 comes with a self-installer.
Please start the German Air Force SAR7092.exe as administrator !
In the main directory of your flight simulator, you will find a seperate HT repaint installer folder in there you will find the

1. German Air Force SAR7092 unistall
2. German Air Force SAR7092 manual