Heatblur Edition


HTP Heatblur Edition for Prepar3D v2/v3/v4

This new coded Heatblur Edition brings you a realistic turbine heat shimmer effect wich has never been developed for Prepar 3D helicopters before.

The Heatblur Edition is a stand alone effects package for  MilViz UH-1C/UH1-H "Redux"


Heatblur & lite turbine smoke is the most essential side effects of the Lycoming T53 turbine in addition to its iconic startup sound !
This turbine has been used in the Huey UH-1C, UH-1D, UH-1H model.

The fulfilling of following condition makes this heatblur effect so special!
1 The Lycoming T53 turbine is not producing any thrust force like airplanes are doing it to get airborne.
2 the heat shimmer is slowly increasing after the turbine starts up and gets hot.
3 There is still a lite constant smoke because of incomplete combustion of kerosene.
4 The heatblur effect is clearly visible when the helicopter is on the ground.
5 As soon as the helicopter is airborne however, it can be seen gently.

Due to new coding some issues out of the HTP Full Edition Pack has been improved
1. All turbine effects will now end by shutdown!
2. An additional new short startup fire effect can be applied!
3 .M61 gunfire & gun sound can now be used without starting the engine ( UH-1C only )

The HTP Heatblur Edition includes:

1. New 2021 advanced heatblur effect
2. New 2021 lite constant smoke
3. New 2021 short startup fire (up on your personal preference)
4. constant turbin fire (up on your personal preference)
5. Startup turbin exhaust smoke
6. Top beacon (double flash)
7. Additional lower beacon
8 . Brighter landing light
9. Additional M61 gun sound ( UH-1C only )
10. Additional Mg1 gun fire effect ( UH-1C only )

The HTP Heatblur Edition does not include any Milviz Huey Redux Payware files.

1. Pepar3D v2,v3,v4  and  MilViz UH-1 Redux
2.Compatibility : Owner of previous version HTP Basic Edition  & HTP Full Edition please uninstall your application first !

Weapon Freaks only  !  Use of additional M61 gun effects!

The weapons are connected to the Logo Lights .
Most of the Controllers have their owe software to assign these lights.
Nevertheless you also have the option to assign the logo light manually
Therefore, read this manual  How to assign additional effects  carefully before purchasing this product.
The provided manual  is only an example and is no guarantee that the assignment of buttons on your joystick will work equally in the same way.

If you can not live without the M61 gun effects! but your are not able to assign additional effects like (M61 gun effects) to your joystick or controller! then don't buy this product!
Due to the countless number of different joysticks or controller models, we do not offer any support for this manual key assignment work of your joystick or controller!





Purchase Options :
Please read the HTP Heatblur Edition product details carefully before you buy this product!

The HTP Heatblur Edition comes with a self-installer.
Please start the HTP Heatblur Edition.exe  as administrator !
In the main directory of your flight simulator, you will find a seperate HTP Heatblur Edition folder in there you will find

1. HTP Heatblur Edition unistall
2. HTP Heatblur Edition  manual
3.HTP Heatblur Edition licence agreement.
4. How to assign M61 gun effects