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Heliwagon for FSX & Prepare 3D

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The Heliwagon is changing the way you move your Helicopter
It's the first function able Heliwagon ever developed for FSX and Prepare 3D


1 The Heliwagon can carry any helicopter, no matter from which Airport it is launched from.
2 For example, from your hangar to the starting position or back.
3 Each helicopter can take off or land on the Heliwagon.
4 The Heliwagon can also be requested in the approach in approximately 200/400/600m distance.
5 The Heliwagon can be steered in all directions!

- Forward
- Backwards
- Stop
- 45° left or right
- 90° left or right



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Heliwagon for FSX & Prepare 3D v2/v3/v4