What we do

We are developing additional effects for helicopters addons like
Bell 205 ,  Bell 212 , Bell412,  Bell Uh1Y  or any other exisiting helicopter.

to use with FSX or Prepar3D

MilViz Military Visualisation

gave us the first customer permission, to develop advanced effects for the breathtaking

MilViz UH-1C / UH-1H "Redux"

"Thank you" to MilViz for the trust placed in us.

We can also realize similar effects for your helicopter.


The Spirit

Everything starts with the Whoop Whoop sound.
Many years ago when i was a child at the age of 7 years.
My father and I were walking through the forrest nearby our home village.
As suddenly the sound of Whoop Whoop was coming closer and closer up in the air.
My father told me this is the sound of the Huey Helicopter.
By that time we reached a field next to the forrest
and i could not believe my eyes.
Three Hueys were hovering about 10 meters above the field, and they left out about 12 soldiers along with ropes.
After the solders were down on the ground the three Hueys were landing about 30 meters in front of us.
They were picking up the soldiers again.
Then they were flying a small circle, and they were repeating the same procedure several times.

This was the beginning of my Whoop Whoop addiction.
From that moment i always wanted to become a Huey Pilot.
But this dream never came true.
Now this is the result of my never ending love to this Bird.
The Huey Tuning Pack is at least a small contribution to the fullfilment of a dream.
Developed with love for all other Huey lovers in the flight simmers world.

We are about to release 

1. Huey Tuning Pack for  FSX & Prepar3D

2. Heliwagon for FSX & Prepar3D