HTP Basic Edition.

HTP Basic Edition for FSX & Prepar3D

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HTP Basic Edition

Six new effects for the Milviz Huey Redux UH-1H & UH-1C

The HTP Basic Edition is a stand alone effects package

for the most successfull addon helicopter ever


With this HTP Basic Edition your beloved Milviz UH-1H & UH-1C addon helicopters looks
even more realistic than before.
These six new effcts makes these helicopters a new viaual experience
The HTP Basic Edition was developed for the civilian use of the Huey UH-1H & UH-1C.
The M61 Gun smoke is switched off and therefore not visible.
The HTP Basic Edition does not include any Milviz Huey Redux files.

The HTP Basic Edition includes:

1. brighter landing light

2. additional red belly beacon effect

3. new top beacon : double flash effect

4. new turbin exhaust effect

5. new turbin fire with heat effect (up on your personal preference)

6. new turbin heat effect



Precondition :
1. FSX + Acceleration or Prepar3D v2/v3/4
2. MilViz UH-1C / UH-1H "Redux"  addon



Purchase Options :

Please read the HTP Basic Edition Productinformation carefully before you buy the product!
The HTP Basic Edition comes with a self-installer.
Please start the HTP Basic Edition.exe  as administrator !
In the main directory of your flight simulator, you will find a seperate HTP Basic Edition folder in there you will find the

1. HTP Basic Edition unistaller
2.HTP Basic Edition user manual
3.HTP Basic Edition licence agreement.


HTP Basic Edition for FSX & Prepar3D v2/v3/4