HTP Full Edition.

HTP Full Edition for FSX & Prepar3D

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HTP Full Edition

The HTP Full Edition is a stand alone effects package
for the most successfull addon helicopter ever !

The HTP Full Edition offers you all the new effect features of the HTP Basic Edition and additionally the option to use the UH-1C model in two different modes :

1. Civilian mode for both models UH-1H & UH-1C
2. Civilian mode for UH-1H  & combat mode for  UH-1C

The HTP Full Edition has been designed especially for all the weapon freaks.


In the development of additional visual effects there are functional limits in the FSX as well as in the Prepar3D.
By default and without further programming, several visual effects can not be controlled independently of each other!
Additional weapons systems such as the M61 Guns are also controlled via the effect function of the FSX or Prepar3D,
and thus block the use of other effects like in our case the turbine effects
The specially developed combat mode for the UH-1C model has managed to make all effects visible.
In addition, you have a new gun fire effect and a new gun sound effect.
The HTP Full Edition does not include any Milviz Huey Redux helicopter files.

The HTP Full Edition includes:

1 new top beacon effect ( double flash)

2 new additional lower beacon effect

3 new brighter landing light

4. new turbin exhaust effect

5. new turbin fire with heat effect (up on your personal preference)

6. new turbin heat effect

7. new additional M61 gun sound     ( UH-1C only )

8. new gun fire effect      ( UH-1C only )


All new turbine effects on the UH-1C model are fully visible.
M61 gun smoke is active.
New developed M61 gun sound & gun fire effect for the UH-1C model . ( see product video )

The combat mode works exclusively only in the Huey UH1-C model.

A small disadvantage brings the combat mode but with it.
Unlike on the UH-1H model, the turbinfire/heateffect on the UH-1C model is still visible after the engine is switched off.
After completing your combat mission you simply have to reload your saved flight.
That is what you normally do anyway. 

1. FSX + Acceleration or Prepar3D v2/v3/4
2. MilViz UH-1C / UH-1H "Redux"  addon


Purchase Options :

Please read the HTP Full Edition product information carefully before you buy the product!
The HTP Full Edition comes with a self-installer.
Please start the HTP Full Edition.exe  as administrator !
In the main directory of your flight simulator, you will find a seperate HTP Full Edition folder in there you will find th

1. HTP Full Edition unistaller
2.HTP Full Edition user manual
3.HTP Full Edition licence agreement.


HTP Full Edition for FSX & Prepar3D v2/v3/4