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Hueytuning.com is not responsible for any failure to provide this service nor can we guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of all the data on the site. By using the Hueytuning.com website you agree to not use the services or site in ways it was not intended.
Hueytuning.com can't guarantee the site to be error free.
Providing inaccurate information could prevent you from completing your order placing future orders through Hueytuning.com.
The requirements for accurate information may be the followings:
1. Real name
2. Actual address
3. E-mail Address
In cases where
Hueytuning.com sees it necessary to validate certain information from the purchaser an order may be withheld. In this case, we will contact the purchaser to get corrected or validated information.
Also, please be aware that IP Addresses are captured when orders are placed and may be used or turned over to authorities in establishing or investigating fraud on particular orders.
Hueytuning.com does not give refunded ,due to the fact that you have confirmed By clicking on the purchase button, that you have read all the Productdetails and you have understood the content of it .
Hueytuning.com may suspend the ability to purchase if your account or information is associated with potential fraudulent activity, such as:
- If multiple purchases are associated with a high percentage of refund requests.
- If there are multiple refund requests in a row.
- If purchases or purchase attempts contain potentially invalid information.
- If Hueytuning.com receives evidence that you have shared your product illegally
Hueytuning.com will keep all your information private. However, there is an exception in which case we may forward personal data to 3rd parties:
- If your information has been associated with fraudulent activity and releasing your information to 3rd parties is required as part of legal proceedings or investigations.
Please note that information you make publicly available through one of our Internet discussion forums is beyond our control and can't be considered private.
Asides from any of the notes above Hueytuning.com fully regards your privacy and we will never sell nor give your private information to 3rd parties without your permission. Private information includes physical and e-mail addresses, phone numbers or other personal information.
Therefore, HUEYTUNING disclaims any warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever relating to this Website, it's forums and any links thereto and therefrom, including, without limitation, as to the merchantability, noninfringement of intellectual property, or working order for any particular purpose.??
Hueytuning strives to ensure that the Contents are accurate and reliable. However, Hueytuning.com is not infallible, and errors and/or omissions may sometimes occur.